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Scotch: The Basics

Scotch must contain malted barley and come from Scotland. It can also use other grains but malted barley is really the defining grain of scotch. Scotch Whisky must be aged for a minimum of three years in oak casks. It is often aged in previously used bourbon barrels. Sherry, Port, Wine, Rum and Brandy barrels are also used.

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Getting Into Wine

A number of people think that getting into wine is complicated. To be fair, getting deeply into wine can become that complicated, what with all

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In a world filled with lactose beers and pastry stouts, Lambic styles seem to be left in the dark. These spontaneous fermented Flemish beverages bring

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Path to Recovery

We’re not interested in the politics of the Covid situation; we just want to see our friends and neighbors back to work. In that vein,

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Scotch Road

No, not the one near the Trenton Airport. This is about the long road I’ve taken to enjoy Scotch whisky. I was late coming around

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Other Resources

The staff at the Hamilton and Hopewell Super Buy Rite’s enjoy being your go-to source for everything related to adult beverages. Whether you need a

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Seasons Change

It’s the last week of July as I write this, and we’re starting a week of hazy, hot, and humid. And that means it’s time

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Rule 1: Splurges

In case you missed it earlier, I have two rules for enjoying wine. Rule 1: Drink what you like Rule 2: Try something different Chardonnay

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Summertime is for Sangria

There’s no question that summer is sangria season. Whether you prefer red, or white, or both, we have you covered. If you’re inclined toward pre-made

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